Blue Skies and What to Wear

“If you wear high heels, you will be aerating the soil (and not getting very far).”

OK, there are other suggestions on our wedding web site, but we’ve been asked fashion questions. So here’s a mix of practical and fashion:

Fashion: This is not the cotillion. Theme shorthand is Festive and Sassy. We’ll be wearing crazy stuff, and will enjoy yours. Bring a sweater or other warm clothes for when the sun sets – with clear skies it cools down fast here. Comfy dancing shoes!

Weather forecast:

Practical: It’s been in the 80’s for weeks, with the same in the forecast, and it’s not humid here most of the summer. It cools to the 60’s after sunset. We’ll have a fire pit,  but you’ll want to be comfortable everywhere. Mosquitoes have diminished, but still around. We are fogging the woods Saturday afternoon. Even so, wear light colored clothing; if you wear shorts you may need mosquito repellent; we’ll have herbal and Deep Woods Off!

Comfortable shoes: We have short hiking trails made and marked. If you haven’t been here before, it’s worthwhile walking (level ground) to the Skagit River on the marked River Loop (0.29 miles) or the slightly longer Woods to River Loop. The Skagit River is the second biggest salmon run in the lower 48 states. They don’t run in July, but their habitat is breathtaking.

We are SO excited to see you all!

JS 60th birthday party outfit!

One thought on “Blue Skies and What to Wear

  1. There is no way a man in that outfit could possibly be 60 years old. JohnScott Lee will forever be somewhere in the 20/40 range. Crazy enough to do just about anything but wise and settled enough to know how to do it. This is going to be a phenomenal day. I’m wearing my hiking shoes because I know I’m going to have to park a mile or so down the road, just to get even close. It will be too hot for my mother’s full length fur coat, but I’ll figure out something. I’m not aerating your newly leveled lawn…that’s for damn sure.

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