Infrastructure is taking shape

Lots of the big projects are well on their way. At the end of each day, we’re excited to imagine our big event.

Reminder: to view on the website, click the link and enter wedding2017

More clearing, raking, unrooting.


Band stage on the left. Grass in the distance. It’s coming together!


Time for a margarita break on our river bank at sunset. We hope you take the path to the river and enjoy the porch swing there.


The garden blue and orange period is here. JS has different color schemes that bloom week by week.


250 feet of underground wiring for the band and coffee!
JS enjoying coffee Sunday morning in the greenhouse, before weeding and trenching.


Timber bamboo happens to be the right age for project use. More than 30 feet tall.


“Planting” timber bamboo in PVC buried in the ground with gravel.


The root sticking up into the path was a little more than we expected. From a cedar cut long before JS was on the land – could be 100 years ago. Amazing that it doesn’t rot in the wet ground. Only one way to deal with it, though it dulls the chainsaw.


300 feet of 1 inch water line – working!

One thought on “Infrastructure is taking shape

  1. Oh gosh. I thought that hose was the margarita line. Just water? How terribly mundane. Xoxo Andra cannot wait to drink whatever you are serving.

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