Dodging a bullet, a reminder to hydrate, and gratitude

It has been hot here, and we’ve been outside and sweating a lot. Apparently I didn’t drink enough water AND electrolytes. I’m so conscious of drinking lots of water, but didn’t pay attention to electrolytes. And I always thought dehydration would be obvious in being thirsty. I had a hard-learned lesson in the middle of the night Wednesday when I woke up with leg cramps (a symptom of dehydration), and when jumping up to walk it off, passed out (another symptom when getting up fast). I happened to fall and slide down the stairs head first. JS handled it amazing well, considering I ended up at the bottom of the stairs, head bleeding, and unresponsive. We ended up going to ER instead of our family doctor, while driving down to our appointment the next morning. In the end, a potential disaster averted. I have staples in my head, and quite the bruises, but nothing broken, and CAT scans showed no scary problems. The followup with our family doctor supported the diagnosis, and he warned me to take it easy. So I am. I guess this is a life lesson. And, when I regained consciousness at the bottom of the stairs, and saw JS’ face telling me what happened, and telling me earnestly that it will be OK, I truly believed him. And trusted, as I had hoped I would always trust, in my future husband. Won’t have long to wait now!

I may be a little bruised, but will be so excited to share our union with you! And yes, I’ll be on the dance floor. Doc says no break dancing, though.


Blue Skies and What to Wear

“If you wear high heels, you will be aerating the soil (and not getting very far).”

OK, there are other suggestions on our wedding web site, but we’ve been asked fashion questions. So here’s a mix of practical and fashion:

Fashion: This is not the cotillion. Theme shorthand is Festive and Sassy. We’ll be wearing crazy stuff, and will enjoy yours. Bring a sweater or other warm clothes for when the sun sets – with clear skies it cools down fast here. Comfy dancing shoes!

Weather forecast:

Practical: It’s been in the 80’s for weeks, with the same in the forecast, and it’s not humid here most of the summer. It cools to the 60’s after sunset. We’ll have a fire pit,  but you’ll want to be comfortable everywhere. Mosquitoes have diminished, but still around. We are fogging the woods Saturday afternoon. Even so, wear light colored clothing; if you wear shorts you may need mosquito repellent; we’ll have herbal and Deep Woods Off!

Comfortable shoes: We have short hiking trails made and marked. If you haven’t been here before, it’s worthwhile walking (level ground) to the Skagit River on the marked River Loop (0.29 miles) or the slightly longer Woods to River Loop. The Skagit River is the second biggest salmon run in the lower 48 states. They don’t run in July, but their habitat is breathtaking.

We are SO excited to see you all!

JS 60th birthday party outfit!