JS Story

When we met at a New Year’s Eve party 22 years ago, he was a handsome, sweet guy (And still is!) who seemed devilishly playful. Later that Spring when he came to visit me in Marblemount, I found out just *How* playful! I was Not particularly interested in a Relationship, I marveled at his gentle persistence in Continuing to visit, to be available, to be loving Without demanding. The guy just kept Showing Up! After about 3 years I realized (duh!) he was Seriously Interested. Now I look back and think that finally saying Yes to him was one of the two smartest Life Decisions I ever made (the other being My choice to come make a home in Marblemount). So here we are, through thick & thin, decades later, Feeling so grateful and appreciative of this man. Really, the Best Boyfriend EVER! And now, Husbands!

Rob Story

New Year’s Eve 1995 at Misha’s house in Seattle, this tall, handsome guy at the door gave me the kind of hug where you think you are not just the only person at the party, but the only person on the planet. Later I noticed he was giving everyone hugs at the door. And still, he invited me to visit, followed by a postcard that said he was gone till March. And still, I drove the 100 miles from my suburban refuge overlooking the Puget Sound. As I turned down the second dirt road, tall weeds stroking my Kodak company car, the soundtrack from Deliverance played in my head. And still, I did not turn back. A wonderful decision that changed my life. Many times since I’ve said to myself and others, “he’s a keeper”. And still, it is true. We continue to learn, to play, to entertain, to love, and now, to be Husbands. Pinch me!

Snakes and Kitties

You may have heard us refer to each as “Snake” and “Kitty”. And, there’ll be lots more about Snake and Kitty at our wedding. So…what’s the story behind these appellations? From his earliest memory, Rob’s brother called Rob the “Snake”, for reasons that we will never know. It was not until many years later that Rob discovered that he was born in the Chinese year of the Snake, specifically the Water Snake. JS on the other hand had grown up with cats all his life, and has always thought of himself as having a number of feline traits, definitely a member of the cat tribe. Each of us feels more than a little instinctual alignment with his respective totem animal, but when we came across what Chinese astrologer Suzanne White had to say about Snakes and Kitties, it all fell into place.

Oh tempting Snake, how does it feel to be irresistible? It must be super to know that the whole world is Intoxicated by you … with your Silken scarves and your glamorous accessories.  Everybody is in Awe of your appearance… It is said that the male Snake is the sexiest of all the Chinese  Signs… but not only is he physically winning, his gentle heart is like an Open rose, fresh and full of promise…

The Cat is the aristocrat of the Chinese zodiac. He is content to live in ease…he is bright, witty and friendly. People enjoy his company and admire his polished manner and Dignified lifestyle. In pussycat mode, cats are sensitive, refined, considerate and Graciously hospitable. But rub his fur the wrong way and you’ll get a Secretive, self indulgent, judgmental and terminally condescending Puss!


“The intuitive Snake and the philosophical Cat find each other Reciprocally interesting. Should they run into trouble, this Couple can rely on their mutual innate wisdom to Steer them out of difficulties. However, unless the Cat learns to Understand the Snake’s desperate need for the Grandest accessories and surroundings, a powerful Python partner may become a listless garden Snake. Kitty should remember that Snakes are delighted to languish on Cats’ velvet divans. A Snake Deprived can also be a hostile reptile…. As a couple, this pair oozes charm. They make excellent Guests at all the best parties…and Snakes do have Their irresistible ways with Cat lovers.”