So much love

We are delighted and humbled and amazed at our wedding RSVP response. We thought we would have several rounds of invitations, to be sure we didn’t “overbook”. We had to put our rental orders in before January, and guessed about 100 guests, plus 10 just in case. The biggest event we’ve ever had here on our land was 50 guests for JS’ 60th birthday. After only one round of invitations, and we are at capacity (though we can accommodate a few more supporters if they are willing to eat from paper plates:) We decided from inception that our wedding will happen here on our land, so we also have considerations of parking and all other event details. Preparation photos to come soon – we’ve been busy!

Our guests hail from these places:

– Washington
– British Columbia
– Oregon
– California
– Colorado
– Texas
– Georgia
– North Carolina
– Massachusetts
– New York
– Hawaii


3 thoughts on “So much love

  1. We will eat off our palms and stand by the begonias if it makes it easier to have more people who love you at your wedding.
    So much love,
    Nicola and Stephen
    Except Stephen says he won’t eat off his palm. “Food tastes better off plates – preferably handmade plates,” he says. But then, he makes handmake plates. I say, let him bring clay….

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